Ah-hah Training was asked by the Logistics Director of Westcoast Limited to provide bespoke training to employees at one of the Group's locations.

Following a  gap-analysis by Ah-hah Training where the skill levels of the employees were compared to that required to perform their roles, it was clear that the objective of business improvement could be achieved.

Ah-hah proposed an approach that encompassed the managers and team leaders; offering a combination of personal coaching and professional development training.

Over a period of 20 weeks, 10 days were spent with the employees, individually and as a group.

Quote from the Logistics Director

" My objective was to observe a fundamental shift in both attitude and ability. I was sceptical of success but am delighted with what Julie has achieved. She worked to make a team from a group of individuals who couldn't always see the benefit of communicating, let alone helping each other! Feedback has been very positive and the team seems happier and more productive".