Professional Development Training Julie Newberry

1. How do I find out more?

Please use the contact form and Ah-hah Training will respond to you by the next working day.

2. Who is professional development available to?

An Organisation may request training for their employees and Ah-hah Training can offer this service at your business premises or offsite.

Alternatively individuals, who are looking to improve their professional and personal skills may apply. For example some courses may be suitable for your Continuing Professional Development needs.

3. How much do the courses cost?

Business prices will be agreed following discussion on what is required.

Individuals pay £55 per person per 3 hour session.

4. How many participants attend each course?

Numbers on courses for Organisations are dependent on the needs of the business.

Courses for Individual attendees are limited to a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 9 so as to optimise the experience for everyone.

5. Where are the courses held?

An Organisation may request training at their business premises or offsite. Days and times are flexible.

Courses for individuals members are available on various Saturday's in Reading. Please use the contact form for details of availability. If a group applies then an alternative day may be requested.