Emotional Health workshops Julie Newberry

1.  How much do the workshops cost?

Most  weekday workshops are of 2 hours duration and cost £25. This is good value at just £12.50 per hour.

2.  Is there a minimum and maximum number of participants per workshop?

Weekday workshops have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 8 individuals.

3.  How long does each workshop last?

Most weekday workshops are of 2 hours duration.  Those held on a weekend are usually 4 hours duration. The precise details will be available with the workshop description. 

4. Do you offer support groups?

I do offer support groups for anxiety and social anxiety which are 60 minutes duration and hold a maximum of six participants. Attendance at Support groups may be arranged only after attendance at a social anxiety or Overcoming Anxiety workshop.  Individuals are asked to commit to a minimum of 6 sessions at £15 per session. Please ask for details.

5. Where are the workshops and support groups held?

Currently they are available at my Reading and Harwell locations.