Counselling and Training Julie Newberry



Imagery can be a powerful tool and this photograph will elicit different thoughts and feelings in us all.

For me, this photograph depicts the journey from a place of darkness to one of light. It offers hope of a brighter future, whilst illustrating that there will be some entanglements along the way. The path will some times be nebulous and hard to grasp, while at other times it could be angry, shameful or cause pain. Either way it can be difficult to unravel and let go of. This seems to reflect how counselling progresses.

I am pleased to share some thoughts and feelings from clients, who have been kind enough to agree to have their words printed here .




Client J, a man in his 30's, following 10 sessions:-

" I started visiting Julie when I realised it was time to tackle my demons and take back control of my life. For years I had felt constantly anxious, suffering a number of panic attacks, and knew I needed some professional help. Julie creates a warm, knowledgeable and caring environment where I found it easy to express myself. She is totally non-judgemental, and with her help over the weeks many revelations explaining my feelings came to me. With each session my mood lightened and I felt less and less anxious. I now understand much more about myself. Everyone should have a Julie to go to when they feel the need to talk. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her."


Client C, a woman in her 20's, following 8 sessions:-

" I can honestly say that you helped me out of the deepest hole I've ever found myself in. As you know, I'm not someone who asks for help easily but a sequence of life changing events led to a situation in which suddenly I had no idea how to deal with my unhappiness and make it better, and that terrified me. But I felt unable to share all of that with the people around me (I was even boring myself with my own misery!) and I decided to take the step into counselling.

And I'm very happy that I did. You encouraged me to explore what I was feeling and why, so I could work out how to deal with it in a practical way. And more than anything you just listened and provided your own special brand of advice, based on all the different strands of your training, from relationship counselling to life coaching. I needed all of it!

And of course as the bigger emotional issues started to improve we also tried to tackle my arachnophobia. I may never be free of my fear of spiders but I feel much more confident about a) dealing with situations in which they arise in a calmer, more rational way and b) not being afraid to let people know that I'm scared and they need to help me! All in all I leave your sessions a MUCH happier and more level person and for that I will be eternally grateful."


Client L, a woman in her 40's, following 8 sessions:-

"Thanks to Julie and her techniques on changing the way I feel about myself and the way I think about my anxieties and catastrophizing, I feel a more confident and happy person than I did 8 weeks ago. My outlook and attitude have definitely changed in a positive way."


Client R, a woman in her 20's, after 6 sessions:-

"I was going through a very difficult time and finding it hard to cope emotionally. I had had some counselling a few years ago and knew it would help me. When I went to see Julie it was a relief to have the support. I felt I wasn't on my own anymore. She enabled me to find the strength within myself to deal with my emotions and face my  problems. Julie also gave me tools to use that I still use now to help me relax and keep calm."


Client H, a woman in her 30's, after 8 sessions:-

"When I investigated seeing a counsellor, I was not enjoying life, feeling great anxiety around social activities, and I was sceptical about what counselling could do for me.

The first session was discounted, with no obligation to engage future services so I went along to meet my counsellor. This was friendly and open to see if we were suited. We discussed my background, and what I wanted from the meetings. On the basis of this I decided to book a series of sessions. I was surprised to find that they were very interactive; with 2 way discussions; questions and advice throughout. As time progressed, I was able to set the topics we discussed. I had requested practical therapies which worked well with my personality type.

Julie is trained in a variety of techniques and approaches including CBT and meditation and I found this mix very effective.

It took several weeks for me to start feeling better. Julie could see what I couldn't and encouraged me to persevere with my exercises. Eventually I started to realise what I needed to do to get out of my rut, and I even changed some of the deep-seated beliefs that had been holding me back. It really helped to be able to talk openly to an objective professional and to know that I can call on her if I need any support in the future."


Client P, a man in his 40's, following more than 30 sessions:-

"Although my initial reason to seek counselling was to help with an individual emotional/relationship problem, the sessions developed into a longer term project where I began to explore patterns and behaviours that I was repeating in my life and in my relationships.

Julie helped me to look at the way I approached a broad range od aspects of my life and I really feel that I have a greater understanding of 'me' and my own ability to take better control of 'my world'. This has led me to feeling more confident in myself  and much better able to cope with a range of situations in my personal and professional life….and happier too!

I felt, from very early on in our counselling relationship, that I was able to talk very openly and freely with Julie and together we explored aspects of my life that I have never been able to discus with anyone before.  The sessions were always professional but with a sense of warmth and a very genuine feeling of being cared for."

Client K, a woman in her 20's, following 12 sessions:- 

  "My first major anxiety attack was in April 2009 while at the supermarket, I had this overwhelming need to just go home, my heart was pounding and my legs felt like jelly. I left the store immediately and burst into tears in the car park.

With my Mum suffering from panic attacks since I was a child I've seen how badly it takes over her life I was determined not to let that happen to me and for it to develop into something deeper so I made an appointment with the Doctors who gave me the telephone number for a local young person’s counselling service.

From the weekly hour sessions I had with Julie I learnt so many techniques to help control my anxiety. I understand it is a part of me now but I am able to manage it in a way that it doesn’t effect how I live my life. When I first started attending the sessions I needed my partner to come with me and be in the waiting room until I had finished. I felt I couldn’t do it without him being there but with thanks to Julie's help I was soon able to attend by myself and travel back and forth alone, something I would not have felt possible just twelve weeks previously when started going. The sessions were very relaxed, and were structured in such a way that I felt I moved up a step further after each session had ended.

Julie was a great help and I owe a lot to her, it has been a year since our last session and I have been able to travel up and down the country for work with ease and have a holiday away from home. Her patience, understanding and encouragement throughout our sessions have helped me become a more confident and relaxed person. I no longer panic about leaving the house or worry about how long I will be out. The techniques she suggested I still use to this day if required, but knowing just how to control my anxiety is enough to make me continue with my life worry free.

I would recommend Julie to anyone in need of someone to talk to, her calm and friendly nature was just what I needed to make me realise I am bigger than this condition. She made me realise that a lot that would make me feel anxious were just thoughts and she showed me ways to battle against them so they didn't turn into feelings. She is very professional and patient and I would happily go to her again with any other issues.".